Mandiola, M. & Ascorra, P. (2010). Chilean management education: rhetoric of pragmatism, consumerism, individualism and elitism. Cad. EBAPE.BR, 8(2), 370-387.

Publicado el 20/11/2010

  • Autor(es):

    Paula Ascorra Costa

    The aim of this paper is to understand the character and the role of higher education in business in relation to the wider institutional and structural contexts within which they function. Being loyal to that widespread background, business schools in Chile have become efficient providers of appropriate goods and services for their respective clients and consumers, behaving more like corporations and businesses rather than educational institutions. From this perspective, business education’s alignment with the wider political and socio-economic shifts associated with the developments of market economies and economic globalization is a necessary reflection. In this paper we will provide an account of our problematization of management education practices in Chile. This practice was pictured as one of the main characters at the forefront of the Chilean neo-liberal revolution during the final years of the last century. In particular, we will unravel more closely the chain of signifiers articulating the meaning of Chilean higher business education.

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